What Is Sundog Aviation?

What is Sundog Aviation?

One of the unique privileges of being a professional aviator was the view from the best seat in the aircraft. Wonderful cloud formations, observing the dance of lighting from above during an evening thunderstorm, a full moon-rise after dark from FL390, and the colors associated with so many sunsets.

Of particular fascination for me were the ‘sundogs’ that often would appear on opposing horizons from the setting sun. The scientific name for this phenomenon is “parhelion”. We chose Sundog Aviation as the name for the business aviation consulting company, formed in January 2014. This website contains many thoughts, convictions, and best practices for business aviation operations. We hope you find the information useful and if by chance you would like to discuss issues, or perhaps need assistance in SMS development/implementation, IS-BAO/IS-BAH Auditing Services, or Business Aviation Management, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

About Jim Cannon

Jim CannonJim Cannon is the owner and principal consultant of Sundog Aviation. The mission of this small consultant group is to provide relevant safety information and guidance to those flight and ground operations that may be searching for implementation assistance in the development of their Safety Management Systems and Organizational Goals.

Jim has FAA type ratings in eight business jets, an MBA from the University of Connecticut and a post MBA certificate, specializing in Organizational Development and Human Relations, from University of Connecticut. Jim was the owner and past president of Jet Professionals, Inc., the Director of Flight Operations for The Home Depot, elected to the Board of Directors of the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) where he served from 1995-2000, a member of the Corporate Advisory Committee of the Flight Safety Foundation from 1992-1998 and was appointed to the ICAO Safety Management Panel from 2011until November of 2014 when he retired from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as IS-BAO Program Director.

In October of 2011 Jim was honored to receive the prestigious John Winant Award from the NBAA. He has authored more than 80 articles in business aviation publications as well as having been a featured speaker at numerous NBAA and Flight Safety Foundation seminars. In January 2012, Practical Applications in Business Aviation Management, Cannon and Richey was published by Roman & Littlefield.